Network Data Products

Today, Network Data Products supplies, configures, and supports a variety of computer, network, and other office products, primarily for small business but, also for some home office and residentials clients.
Allen Geeraert, proprietor of Network Data Products, graduated as an electrical engineer from the University of Alberta in 1981 and has worked in the electronics manufacturing and support, software development, computer systems, and customer support business since.
No matter what we do, through it all, the aspects that were important in the beginning are the same aspects that are important now.  To understand the clients and strive to exceed their expectations with the best of products and services that are available. To settle for nothing less; suppliers must meet reliability and performance expectations. Otherwise, others must be found! Product failures happen but just do not bode well with clients. And to partner with the right clients. Who are they, and what they are like, what are their business practices, and are they compatible? Not all requirements can be met, and not all clients will work. Some clients may be better off elsewhere and it’s important to separate one from the other. It's a long, long road to get here, travelling onwards means doing better at everything we do, every day that we do it! Sincerest wishes for all the best are extended to those that we are privileged with serving.

-Network Data Products.